Muu-Muu's is my favorite restaurant in Portland, by a long shot. Their menu's purpose is to cook up "comfort food from around the world" and my god they do it well ... choosing is a nightmare!  -- Emma A.

Muu's has it all; atmosphere, sweet tunes, strong drinks, tasty food and awesome service. My favorite bar in Portland hands down.  -- Aud S. 

Yum. And open late too!!! -- I.R.

We stayed for almost two hours, it's a very welcoming joint. -- Katie P.  I feel very fortunate to live near Muu-Muu's, offering quality without a pretentious air... -- Ted S.  

I've never had anything I didn't like.  Muu Muu's food never disappoints. -- Brian Y.

The BEST of the best in its category: Neighborhood Pub/ Hangout.  A mix of locals, grandparents, professionals, slackers, gay couples, hipsters, theatre goers, college kids, etc... You won't be disappointed. :) -- Lisa W.

F**k yeah come here... -- Thomas H.

There's just a feeling of warmth in this place and I haven't even started talking about the food or drinks yet. -- Alfredo M.

Amazing brunch! -- R.B.,    This is a family favorite (for brunch) and has been for years! -- Stefan I.

LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. -- Anna S.  

It's one of my favorite places to take out-of-town guests for a casual meal, or to head to for a low-key date.  -- Jodie D. 

Darn!  I don't want anyone to know about this place because it will become too popular . . . wait, it has already happened.  Food - 5/5.  Service 5/5.  Ambience 5/5. -- Alan M.


You know what? I almost wanted to give this place 1-Star because screw it. I don't want the secret getting out. Screw the masses, let NW 21st have another diamond buried in the rough. The only reason I can actually come up with for negging this place is to try and keep more people from knowing about it.  I can't do it though. The truth must be told. I wish I could throw this place into a cryogenic freezer and keep it exactly the way it is because it is near-perfect.  Point blank: this is some of the best, most reasonably priced food you can find and enjoy in an awesome atmosphere throughout all of Portland. The menu is stupidly varied considering all that - AND - if that wasn't enough, even the drinks aren't marked up or watered down!... Another thing I love about this place is the truly mixed crowd. Businessmen kicking off at 5pm, baristas on a night out, and gay biker gangs can all call equally call this place home base.  Forget Voodoo Doughnuts, tourists. THIS is Portland. -- Jack F.